Sea Kayaking in Scotland

Want to have an adventure holiday in the Highlands of Scotland and enjoy the unique environment and wildlife? At Unexplored Scotland we have years of experience in organising trips in the Scottish wilderness and hope to share our knowledge of these remote places with anyone who has a sense of adventure or just wants to enjoy a unique holiday.

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Winter Mountaineering in Scotland

With all our trips no matter if you splash about in a sea kayak, plod along on hills or get a mountain bike caked in mud, we always make sure to limit the impact on the environment. By following only a few simple rules you can make a difference. Well, we could tell you all about it on here but wouldn’t you rather like to experience it? What we can do is promise you that we respect the environment and do our best that you will not only walk away with more knowledge on the Scottish wilds but also have the knowledge that you didn’t make an impact in the ecology. Only an impact in your mind and memory!

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