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We can also offer tailor made trips and courses with one of our instructors. Find out more on our bespoke page.

sea kayaking scotlandWant to have an adventure holiday in the Highlands of Scotland and enjoy the unique environment and wildlife? At Unexplored Scotland we have years of experience in organising trips in the Scottish wilderness and hope to share our knowledge of these remote places with anyone who has a sense of adventure or just wants to enjoy a unique holiday. 

We specialise in providing activity holidays with a difference - almost all our sea kayaking and hillwalking multi day holidays include wild camping. This allows us to show you places which hardly ever get visited by humans. For those who like to play in deep Scottish snow we have some winter skills courses. You will learn how to walkabout on winter hills and how to dig holes in snow at any condition.

However, we don’t exclude people who like their luxury or a warm bed, and also offer some hillwalking trips from a cosy Bed and Breakfast near the magnificent Scottish hills.

Winter Skills CourseOur sea kayaking trips in Scotland are very popular especially kayaking at Skye and the multi activity holiday to Knoydart. At the Knoydart trips you will kayak to one of the most remote places in the UK and then walk for a few days in the hills. Our 3 day hillwalking expeditions are tailored for people who would like to see undiscovered parts of Scotland. On some trips you may not even see another person for most days. You will cary all your own kit but will advise you on what to bring along. This way you will keep the weight down and enjoy it a bit more.

We can also offer a tailor made service, for those of you who would rather have a holiday which is not quite out of the box.

All our sea kayaking scotland, hillwalking and mountain biking trips are always with the environment in mind, and we will provide you with all the information needed to make a lasting impression in your life, but with no impact on the environment.

Now how does all that sound?



Mountain Biking in TorridonWith all our trips no matter if you splash about in a sea kayak, plod along on hills or get a mountain bike caked in mud, we always make sure to limit the impact on the environment. By following only a few simple rules you can make a difference. Well, we could tell you all about it on here but wouldn’t you rather like to experience it? What we can do is promise you that we respect the environment and do our best that you will not only walk away with more knowledge on the Scottish wilds but also have the knowledge that you didn’t make an impact in the ecology. Only an impact in your mind and memory!

Find out more on our environment page.


Food on the Trip

We also make a difference with the quality of service. We are proud to say that at all of our sea kayaking expedition trips we pack no instant coffee put provide fresh filtered coffee in the mornings and if time and weather allows even a freshly brewed cappuccino. You would have to come on one of our expedition trips to find out how we do that.

On the note of instant coffee, there is nothing instant going on at any of our trips. This is why we usually don’t offer those half day into sessions. Through experience, we have decided that it will not be much of a money safer and everything is rushed anyway. We rather like to give you a quality day.

Trip Photos - Another Service only we offer
river paddling findhornAt Unexplored Scotland we are proud to not only to offer quality holidays and courses but also a Photo Service. We have a selection of waterproof cameras and will take photos of you while on our trips, whether you are out sea kayaking, mountain biking or hillwalking. We will provide these photos to you for free.

  • We will upload the trip photos to our Facebook page where you can view the images, comment on them and tag them. You can also share them with friends and family so they can see what you have been up to. However, we can only do this if you agree for us to use the photos. This can be done at the booking  (there is a tick box for that) or during the trip.
  • Additionally we will also create a CD or DVD with all the photos in full size and sorted by date and time.
  • On some occasions we may even be able to create a nice video clip of the trip. Have a look at our YouTube page to see what we have created on trip videos so far.
  • We are the only outdoor adventure holiday and course provider in Scotland, who offers this kind of service.

    What our Clients say about Us

    weekend trip Liathach


    "... our instructor was the major reason for this fantastic experience - a generous, patient individual who gauged well the level of encouragement, instruction and constraint needed for three clients with very different requirements! And a great choice of locations."
    Graeme, London  


    "Daniel and I had a fantastic time and were discussing how we really hope Unexplored Scotland takes off because it was a sheer pleasure to be on the trip with you."

    Priyanka, London


    "We had a great time learning about sea kayaking and Andreas [the coach] had a very relaxed teaching attitude"
    Jon, Inverness


    "...thanks for the training course last weekend. It was thoroughly enjoyable and I feel I learned a lot in a short period. Thank you for your patience..."

    Colin, Edinburgh


    "That's great thanks for the photos. I also want to thank you for the excellent trip on Tuesday. I know the whole group had a good time and I am especially grateful that you managed to fit us in. I will certainly be recommending you to friends!"

    Robin, Edinburgh



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